Winnie the Pooh Wall Mural Marbella

Tigger Too Conductor

This was a fun little mural project to work on here in Marbella, we started with a few sketches and once the idea was established work begun right away. We decided to go with the 2nd sketch as the 2d  style went much better with the way we wanted to fit the mural around the wall without painting in a background with it. I think the 1st sketch would of appeared to be lacking without a certain amount of background and we wanted to keep the mural simple.

Winnie the Pooh Wall Mural Marbella

Adding Life & Colour

The colours really helped to brighten up the room and just give it that special little something.

Using iTimelapse App

This was the 1st time-laps video I ever did of my work in action, it was a great idea and was so simple to do with a simple iPhone App called iTimeLapse Pro, a great little app id recommend to anyone wanting to play around with time-lapse filming

Get iTimelapse Pro, below



Short Timelapse Movie of the Winnie the Pooh Wall Mural Marbella recorded by iTimelapse Pro


A Few More Pics !Slideshow Alert!

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Thanks for Reading, Watching Winnie the Pooh Wall Mural Marbella

What do you reckon, could the mural have done with a background maybe with a little more of a 3d effect, or do you think the 2d keeping it simple works well?

Post your opinions below, I would love to hear them. Also see the extended gallery on my Facebook page by following this link directly to the gallery, be sure to pop us a page like when you there too, 😉