wordpress2A Few New Things,

In the last 2-3 weeks I been working hard building my site with a lot of help form a good friend and great photographer Marc Anderson he’s helped me to get most of the site underway and running and slowly slowly I’m getting the hang of WordPress myself, but its always good to know that Marc is only a Viber or Skype away.

Socially Interactive

One of the biggest features and aim of the website is a good socially interactive blog, which my previous website lacked, also the great benefit of WordPress and the thing I love about it is how easily it can be to update and add new content. Before I would have to edit everything in web designer program then export the files and upload it all, then if I wanted to change anything I would have to take down the site, add new content in the designer, export the files and then re-upload.

It was such a tedious task that I hardly changed anything, and as a result the website in my opinion became static and stagnant

With WordPress you can easily log in and create new posts/ pages in a matter of minutes, the more I learn how to use it the more I love it.

Still a few things to do…

paintsplash1I still have a few areas to work on with in the site, My Bio needs adding to, also and most importantly the Home page needs jazzing up. I need to figure out something nice for the portfolio page, I have a large variety of works so it can be hard to categorize and display it in a user friendly way. Ill keep you up to date with any changes.

Social Widgets

The Main changes I’ve made the last day is adding social widgets to my site so posts can be easily shared to most social media sites. Also adding a twitter feed on the top of my Blogs side bar.

Thanks Again for reading

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little update, tell me how you finding the website as regards user friendliness, anything you think the site needs, improvements any suggestions are most welcome in the comments below