A Mammoth Sized PieceClose in on the Largest Mural in Spain

I felt compelled to write a small post about the awesome murals appearing all over the town of Estepona. Everytime I’m in town I seem to see a mural I haven’t seen before, normally spanning across an entire building face. Its very Impressive and this one painted by artist José Fernández Ríos is the most impressive one of them all and has been called the Largest Mural in Spain

The Mammoth sized painting entitled “Fishing Day” spans over the facades of 6 building and almost covers 1000 square meters

The mural pays tribute to the memory of the fishermen of Estepona and is especially dedicated to Manuel Aragon who’s fished here all his life.

¨The Intention wasn’t beating any record, but once it was finished, we realized it¨

José Fernández Ríos, Largest Mural in Spain, here in Estepona

Your Opinion?

So what do you think? Estepona is fast becoming one of my favourite local towns on the coast, the council is investing in beautifying the area, the streets are quaint and authentic. If you haven’t visited Estepona yet and are close by Id definitely recommend you on stopping by.

Over The Next Month

Over the next month I will be spending a day around Estepona, searching for what I recon to be the 5 best murals their, ill tag each murals location on Google’s maps so you can find your way to them if you find yourself in Estepona.

Directions to the Largest Mural in Spain can be found here Click Here For Google Directions


  • The Spanish Artist Who Painted it is José Fernández Ríos
  • The Mural almost covers 1,000 square metres
  • It Cost 11.000 Eurros and was funded by the Union of Western Costa del Sol Municipalities and Estepona Town Hall.
  • The Mural took 3 weeks to acomplish
  • The man in the painting is fisherman Manuel Aragon
  • It is said it is the Largest Mural in Spain