#illustrateYourWeek Starting Friday 5th of June!!

So the idea came about after seeing some of these weekly twitter trends like #MotivationMondays. I thought, Hey we got to get our self’s some of this, how about a weekly twitter trend for us artists or anybody that fancies a bit of fun and a challenge to basically sum up our week in a drawing, sketch, painting or whatever… but the catch is you got 20 minutes to do it in!! So maybe don’t be into too much of a rush to get your oil paints out just yet, lol.

Friday 5th of June

The 5th of June will be our 1st go at #illustrateYourWeek and then every Friday following. It might be a bit ambitious but at the least it will be a little bit of fun, and maybe in the next few weeks using our #illustrateYourWeek hashtag to post Your illustrations we can get a TREND going… now that will be something, but baby steps, baby steps.

HASHTAGE #illustrateYourWeek

Don’t forget to hashtag #illustrateYourWeek into your 20min project and ill be sure to Retweet them, unless its porn… then I’m sorry but you got carried away with yourself… lol
Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with, there’s been a good response already on twitter with some nice feedback from @tatts_too @K_Landers_Art @The_ArtyGirl Great support guys, looking forward to seeing your 20min project