Sylvester Fritz Fine Art video gallery

Sit back and enjoy a few videos from my Fine Art video gallery, more videos will be added in the future and when I do I will throw them in to this section, in to the Box.
Its always great fun videoing projects, especially time lapses, seeing a project take form and be completed in a few minutes never gets old.
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Muhammad Ali POP ART Painting

Another Pop Arty piece to add to my fine art video gallery, this is the 1st of a new series called “Canvas Legends” Ill be painting some of the greatest boxers of all time, I thought it only right to start with Ali. Sit back and I hope you enjoy the vid.

`Poster prints, cool cushions and mobile covers look great with this art work on it see it now

Alex Ferguson POP ART Painting

New Painting to add in to the fine art video gallery, this was a fun little painting that I enjoyed doing very much. I decided to add some red in their to go with the white and black just to signify the Man United flag colours.

Porsche 911 2014

This Project took the best part of a month to complete, the video is speed up around 1000x and the hard task was what to do with all the video footage, I had gigabytes after gigabytes of camera footage all over my PC, some part of the video got misplaced

Disney Princess Mural 2013

See Blog post for this mural project

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Disney Princesses Time-lapse Painting from start to finish, painted here in Marbella Spain.

Disney Princess Bed Banner

Short Time-lapse video from the Disney Princess mural 2013, this was just a little extra touch to go over the bed head bored, enjoy this addiction to the Fine Art video gallery.

Winnie The Pooh Mural 2012

See Blog post for this mural project

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Time laps video on a Winnie the Pooh mural I painted here in Marbella

Freehand sign writing Old English script at The Robin Hood Inn

I was quite new to sign writing when I did this work and the other signs at The Robin Hood Inn, but it was a great learning experience.

A Little Free Hand Scripting Jan 29 2015

New mini vid up for my Fine Art video gallery, just a tad of scripting/ sign writing I’ve been doing today in a apartment in Estepona.

Sell Art Online
Making the Mural Time Lapse

Big thank you to Alex he did an amazing job at my home. His artwork at the entrance of my hallway is commented on by everyone who passes through the front door. His attention to detail is flawless, and with the perfectionist in him, he was punctual, didn’t rush the job and I had no cleaning up do to afterwards.

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