fools the eye, the false 20eurroTROMPE L’OEIL (Fools the Eye)

This was a fun cheeky little Fools The Eye  project I did after finishing a few small murals in a Villa in Estepona. In fact it was in the same Villa where I did the Desert island mural in 2007, but this was done a few years before when I was still a wee fledgling.

A good idea has many fathers

In all honesty the idea came from the owners wife, as much as I would like to take sole credit for it. in fact this little piece was my favourite bit of the whole job. I love fun little teases like this.

A Fool & His Temptation

I remember at the time, there was a lot of builders up and in/out of the house, one day one of them comes up to me and said for the past few days he’s kept seeing this 20 euro just lying there, wondering why no one picks it up. I stated laughing, obviously he had tried picking it up. With all intention of handing it in no doubt!