Bella - Disney Princess mural Marbella

Beautiful Disney Princess Mural

I always enjoy doing Disney, maybe because I grew up with Disney and longing to work as an artist at Disney when I grew up. Let’s face it, Disney’s Style, cartoons and so on are just fabulous, the Princesses are beautiful and their stories were pure and innocent. I really loved the old school Disney films like The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and so on… Brilliant.

I feel the modern approach to Cartoons just doesn’t have the same artistic class,

I mean Bolt, Up, a Bugs Life are great movies that crack me Up with laughter. But from an artistic point of view I don’t think they compare with the classics, but that’s probably where the conundrum lies, you can’t compare classic Disney with modern Disney Pixar. Or can You?


Heres a short time-lapse

video of me painting the Disney Princess mural in Marbella, the mural took just over a week.

Disney Princess mural Marbella

iTimeLapse App

Using iTimelapse App

Here in the photo on the left I have my phone set up to a tripod with the iTimelapse app taking a photo every minute. Then the footage was edited in power director and uploaded to my channel 

Its always fun from time to time to see the project getting done so fast, if only I could paint so fast, now that would be brill.




Here’s a slideshow of a few images from the mural

you can also see more photos of this Disney Princess mural on my Facebook page, click the link to go directly to the album don’t forget to throw me a like when you get there 😉

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