Large Scale Desert Island Marbella Mural

The Plot

This Marbella mural project was an idea that came out of the book ´The Painted House´ by Artist Graham Rust. The Painted House is an awesome book on mural decoration, showcasing Rust’s finest work and has tons of ideas, designs and trompe l’oeil paintings. It’s a must have for any muralists out there. I’ll write a blog post on the book in the category Books on Art as I’ve found it to be an invaluable source of inspiration and as a great reference tool.

Large Scale Desert Island Marbella Mural

Me back in 2007 working on the Desert island Mural

Moving on

the idea was to make the room look as if you were stranded on a desert island with an old abandoned shelter and the subtle remains of an ancient civilization. Being allowed a lot of creative freedom on this project, made it very enjoyable to work on.  I always enjoy painting small not-so-obvious details which viewers appreciate later when they take the time to analyze the work closely. Sometimes you’ll not see it at all unless tipped off by the owners (or the artist!). I painted in a little shark swimming around in the distance and a tiny man sitting on an island in the distance in with HELP spelled backwards, but in order to see it you had nearly have your nose touching the wall, lol

Large Scale Desert Island Marbella Mural

Painting ´another banana leaf´ a banana leaf on the desert island Marbella mural project 2007


Another Banana Leaf!

There were a few banana leafs to paint, to make it easier on my self I took a walk around the garden and chopped off a few. There nothing like copying from the real thing.



Large Scale Desert Island Marbella Mural

Painting the roof of the canopy


Neck Braking…

Painting the ceiling was neck braking work. Heres a pic of the job after about 2 weeks into it. It was the 1st large size mural I had ever worked on, it was a challenge and it was great fun.
Here a slideshow of the desert island mural, more photos can be found on my Facebook page, here’s a link to the album, be sure to give us a Like when your there 😉


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