Bently - Classic Car Painting, Automotive Art

Classic Car Painting – A New Challenge

My 1st ever go at doing a classic car painting back in 2012, The Bentley was such a beautiful car to paint and I enjoyed every minute of it

Working from References

I worked from reference photos that were provided, photos of the car and photos of the house, both in separate locations so it was my job to merge in the two.

I learned that its very important to get good high quality photos!! Its a MUST

and that was something I didn’t have, so I spent a lot of time on Google, searching for the same model car but at the right angle and a good quality photo. Sounds easy but when you have something actually in mind to find on Google its hard work.

ReflectionsBently - Classic Car Painting, Automotive Art

Well that’s what the next problem was, the main reference photo that was at the right angle, the quality was good it was the same year and model, but it was in a show room showing all kinds of wrong reflections. also the colour was completely different.

A Challenge

So yer it was a challenge for sure, I had to use my imagination to render in the reflections/ shadows that might be there where the car would be in the place that it is in the painting. Constantly painting a little part, looking if it looks right and then carrying on or painting over it because it didn’t look right.


It was frustrating at times and sometimes my brain and eyes were feeling fried but I really did enjoy the challenge,

“Its in those times when you are challenged and frustrated and you keep cranking down not accepting anything less that perfect that’s when you grow, and you feel your skill expand”

Bently - Classic Car Painting, Automotive Art


Bently - Classic Car Painting, Automotive Art

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