Another Abstract Art Debate

Abstract Art Rubbish Tip, 2

So we have another debate here about Abstract Art, Oh no here we go… Well I just wanted to add my 2 pence to the bottomless topic jar of ‘Is Abstract Art Really Art?’  I suppose you guessed with the name of this blog post ¨5 Reasons Why Abstract Art Belongs In The Rubbish Skip¨ what my opinion is on Abstract Art, and that’s all it is… my opinion.

That been said it is the right opinion and here’s 5 reasons why it rightly belongs in the bin with the rest of the rubbish.



  1. Abstract Art is no more Art than a pile of bricks and cement is a building.
  2. An Abstract Artist requires a bare minimum skill, so bare minimum that it’s on the same level as an infant splashing around with his hands in a paint pot
  3. Abstract Art tells no story, the point of a painting is sometimes to capture a moment. I often like to look at a painting and imagine what that moment might have been, imagine myself there, who is the man in the top hat and where might he be going…
  4. Abstract Art says nothing of the painter, what he stood for, what his passion were, his mood. What other great artists inspired his work, what his study into the subject was.
  5. Abstract Art is a worthless contribution to history, what art tells us about history. If the end of humanity came and decade’s later aliens rummaged around the wreckage of earth and all was left was abstract art, well… Enough said.


A classic Rorschach inkblot

A classic Rorschach inkblot

The fact is the “Artist” isn’t expressing anything

That all might sound pretty hard, and I don’t mean to hate on Abstract Art or those who enjoy it and truly believe that there is something meaningful in it, that the “artist” is expressing some kind of deep emotion. The fact is the “Artist” isn’t expressing anything,  there is nothing to see or anything meaningful in an abstract painting just as there isn’t anything meaningful or anything to see in a Rorschach inkblot test. Hey I’m not saying a Rorschach inkblot can’t look cool, but it’s not art.

Confusing Art and Aesthetics

I think we have to be careful that we don’t confuse art and aesthetics, what do I mean? Well just because something gives you a feeling of aesthetic beauty don’t deem it a work of art. We get many things in nature that can cause a feeling of aesthetic beauty within us without being a work of art. Take for instance a beautiful forest with its trees towering beside us, the cloud mass of an erupting volcano, waves crashing against the shore, these are all beautiful sights but aren’t works of art.
We could even look at it this way, birds singing, the sound of wild life in a forest, trickling water. People love to listen to these sounds as they are relaxing, but they are sounds, not music.

The thing is I’m not saying all Abstract Art is bad to look at, some of it can be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but just because it is aesthetically pleasing doesn’t make it a work of art. Neither does the fact that the “Artist” balances his use of colors and values in his composition make him an Artist, that is just one area an artist should be proficient in. For instance, does the ability to play a note on a piano make me a pianist? And with that answer you have the answer to “does the fact an “Abstract Artist” can get the correct balance of color make him an artist”.

At the least if we are not throwing abstract art on the rubbish tip, let’s at least rename the term “Abstract Art” to “Decorative Paintings” because that’s all it is, decoration.


So that’s my 2 pence, I bet your thinking “Oh what a opinionated little fella” I know, I know, but that’s what blogs are for! Please feel free to throw your 2 pence in the mix, whether contradictory or in agreement, let’s have it. Opinions are opinions.
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Abstract Art Rubbish Skip